To open an existing GenVision Pro (.gvp) session :

Do any of the following:

  • From the Welcome screen, click the Open tab, then click on Open session.
  • From the Details panel, click the link Open a session.
  • Use the File > Open command.
  • Press Ctrl+O (Win) or Cmd+O (Mac).

Once a project is open in GenVision Pro, you can open additional sessions using the same command.


  • If you created a session in GenVision Pro 17.2.1 or earlier and attempt to open it with version 18.0 or later, read tracks will not be available in the Tracks panel, and a warning may appear. In this case, we recommend closing the session and creating a new session instead.
  • If you moved or renamed any of the assembly projects, the track file(s) or index file (if any) prior to reopening a session, you may be prompted to supply the new name(s) or location(s) of those files.

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