To import a genome from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database via organism name or accession number:

  1. Choose File > Download and Add Genome or press the Download and add a genome to the session button to ().
  1. In the Download Genome Reference dialog, use the Download dropdown menu to choose between downloading a Whole genome or By accession numbers.

    • If you select Whole genome, GenVision Pro will retrieve the most recent build of the selected genome. Use the next two drop-down menus to select the Organism type and Organism.

      GenVision Pro will download all the reference sequences from the NCBI Entrez Genome Project database for the selected genome. These downloads may include auxiliary genomes such as mitochondria and chloroplasts. They may also include some contigs which have not yet been placed by the genome finishing process.

    • If you select By accession numbers, the Organism section disappears and is replaced by an Accession numbers entry area. Type an accession number or paste it from your clipboard, then press Add to add a number to the list. Continue adding numbers, as desired. Multiple accession numbers should be separated using a space, comma, semi-colon or line break. To remove an accession number from the list, select it and click Remove.

  1. Click Browse to select a name and location in which to save the downloaded genome files.
  1. If you do not need to download additional genomes, you can check Close dialog when complete. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked to keep the dialog open after initiating the current download.
  1. Press Download. Once the download is complete, a message like the one below will appear.

  1. Click OK to close the dialog and add the accessions to the GenVision Pro session. If you checked Close dialog when complete, the Download genome reference dialog will also close. Otherwise, it will remain open so that you can download additional NCBI genomes.

Downloaded genomes will be listed in the Chromosomes section of the Explorer panel. To learn how to view the genome in the Overview or Analysis view, see Work with Tracks.

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