The Places panel and the GenVision Pro navigation tools work together so you can quickly navigate to a chromosome or sequence range that you have visited before.

To open this panel, do either of the following:

  • Click on the Places tab ().
  • Use the View > Places > Places command.

This panel consists of two or three expandable sections:

  • Recent lists all locations that you visited after performing a search using GenVision Pro’s navigation tools.
  • Received lists data exported to GenVision Pro from ArrayStar (e.g. from ArrayStar’s Gene or SNP Tables) using the File > Send Selection To > GenVision Pro command. If the GenVision Pro session does not contain items exported from ArrayStar, the Received section is disabled.
  • Favorites is similar to the bookmarks folder for a web browser. It contains a list of previously-visited locations that you have decided you may wish to visit again.

The following video shows the Places panel in action in another DNASTAR application, MegAlign Pro:

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