To make a session active:

Do any of the following:

  • Click+ on any session tab to make that session active.
  • Click on the Window menu and choose the name of the session from the list.
  • Press Ctrl+; (Win) or Cmd+; (Mac) to open a “session chooser.” You may also open the session chooser by pressing the >> icon that appears to the right of the session tabs. This icon is displayed when multiple sessions are open and the GenVision Pro window is too small to display each one in an individual tab.

    The session chooser appears as a yellow popup with a line for typing in text at the top, and a list of open sessions below. Use your mouse to click on the session you want to make active. If you do not have a mouse, make a selection using the keyboard arrow keys, then press Enter.

    To instead search for a session using a filter, type text into the text field and press Enter. The text field supports the “?” and “*” wildcards.

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