The following table describes components of the GenVision Pro user interface, along with links to more in-depth information about each item:

Item Description
Menus The GenVision Pro menus are: GenVision Pro (available only on Macintosh), File, Edit, View, Overview, Analysis, Window and Help. Some menu commands can also be initiated by keyboard shortcuts, button tools, navigation tools, or right-click options.
Button tools The GenVision Pro button tools are above the Overview on the left.
Navigation tools The GenVision Pro navigation tools are above the Overview, to the right of the button tools.
Sessions In GenVision Pro, each session is displayed in a separate tab with a .gvp extension.
Overview Displays any enabled tracks, including a ruler and features.
Genome view Lets you choose the chromosome (or other item) to analyze in the other views.
Analysis view Shows a reference sequence and enabled tracks.
Panels The Style, Tracks, Features, Places and Details panels provide details about the views on the left, or affect what is displayed there.
View splitter The view splitter is used to divide the Analysis view or Overview vertically into multiple panes.
Header/Footer A header and footer are collapsible sections above and below the selected reference sequence. The Overview provides a header, and the Analysis view provides a header and footer.
Sequence Ruler Sequence rulers pertain only to the sequences just above them.

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