The following basic editing commands are available in GenVision Pro:

Command Keyboard Shortcut Right-Click Option Description
Edit > Cut Ctrl/Cmd+X Cut This command is not enabled in GenVision Pro.
Edit > Copy Ctrl/Cmd+C To copy text or data to the clipboard. A warning message will appear if you attempt to copy an extremely large amount of data to the clipboard.
Edit > Copy As FASTA Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C Copy as FASTA To copy text or data to the clipboard in FASTA file format. This command is only available if a subsequence is selected.
Edit > Paste Ctrl/Cmd+V To paste text from the clipboard into a text field. This command is disabled in all but a few circumstances.
Edit > Delete Delete key To remove selected text from a text box, or to remove one or more selected tracks from a view. Using Edit > Delete or pressing the Delete key has the same effect as unchecking the corresponding box(es) in the Tracks panel.
Edit > Select All Ctrl/Cmd+A If used in the Overview, selects all chromosomes. If used in the Analysis view, selects all of the active chromosomes in both views.

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