After using File > New Agarose Gel to initiate an agarose gel simulation, a specialized version of the Enzymes panel can be used to apply or remove enzymes from a lane in the Gel Simulation view.

To apply enzymes to an agarose gel lane:

First select a non-empty gel lane. If the gel lane of interest is empty, first add a sequence to it by clicking on the Sequences tab and checking the box next to a sequence. If no sequences appear in the Sequences panel, right-click in the white area and choose Import .

Next, either:

  • Use the mouse to grab the icon to the right of an enzyme in the Enzymes panel, then drag it and drop it in the desired lane.

  • Select a lane in the Gel Simulation view, then put a checkmark next to one or more enzymes in the Enzymes panel to add them to the selected lane. To check multiple enzymes, hold down the Shift key while making selections. If the Shift key is not held down, any new enzyme selection will replace the previous selection.

To clear enzymes from a lane:

Select the lane, then press the Clear button at the top right of the Enzymes panel.

To remove an enzyme added in error:

Use Edit > Undo enzyme choice to revert the lane to its previous state.

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