The Feature Library Manager can be used to specify how to display particular features or groups of features when auto-annotating plasmids/vectors in the Annotation Results window. This tutorial shows how to specify a particular style for displaying all CDS features, but can be adapted to design style sets for any individual feature or group of features in the Feature Library Manager.

  1. Choose Features > Feature Library Manager.
  1. In the Search bar on the top left, type in CDS and press Return/Enter on your keyboard. All non-CDS features will be removed from the Feature list below the search bar.

  1. Select all items remaining in the Feature list (i.e., the CDS features) by clicking on the first feature on the list, and then Shift+clicking on the last feature.
  1. Click on the Style tool at the top right of the window ( ) to open the Style pane.

The feature is currently displayed as:

  1. Change the Line and Fill colors to lilac by clicking on the corresponding color boxes. Change the Weight to 8, and change the Shape to Stroked Arrow. Specify a Label position of Inside.

The feature is now displayed as:

  1. Press the ‘x’ in the top corner of the window to close it. When prompted to save, choose Yes.

  1. Follow the steps in Perform the auto-annotation procedure. CDS features will preserve the style formatting set up in the steps above.

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