When an Entrez database search is complete, the Entrez Search Results window appears, showing a list of sequences that match your query.

The buttons at the top of the window are used to open, save, copy or print results.

Task Button to use…
To open one or more results in the selected Lasergene application Open With
To open one or more results in the current application Create Document.
To open one or more results in your default web browser Launch Browser
To save a group of results as sequence files Batch Save
To print one or more results Print

The following table describes tasks that can be performed in the lower portion of the window:

Task How to…
To sort results Click on a column header to sort the rows by that column.
To narrow the results of a text query Make sure the text search results window is active by clicking on it. If you have several text results windows open, select Net Search > Current Results to locate the desired window. Select Net Search > Search These Results and enter the desired search criteria. Click Search.
To change the search query To modify a text query to obtain different results without having to completely recreate a complex query, select Net Search > Change This Query. The Entrez Query dialog appears containing the same search criteria that you last used, allowing you to edit as necessary before performing a new search.

After using Batch Save or Create Document, selections that have been downloaded or opened are denoted with a black diamond or arrow.

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