Invitrogen’s Vector NTI software will no longer be sold after December 31, 2019. In preparation for this event, Vector NTI users are encouraged to move their databases to SeqBuilder Pro using the following automated method:

  1. Download the Vector NTI Data Export Tool for your operating system from this Invitrogen website page.
  1. Run this export tool on the same computer where the Vector NTI database is installed. This creates a folder called VNTI Advanced Data that contains subfolders named in the step below.
  1. Open SeqBuilder Pro version 16.0 or later and choose File > Import VNTI Data into Project. Here is what happens to the Vector NTI subfolder files upon use of the command:

    • DNA and RNA sequence files – Imported.

    • Protein molecules – Imported.

    • Oligos – Imported. You will be prompted to save the file Oligos.csv into an primer catalog file that is usable by SeqBuilder Pro named Invitrogen Primers.pri.

    • Enzyme files – Not imported. Rebase enzyme files are already present in SeqBuilder Pro.

    • Gel markers – Not imported. SeqBuilder Pro’s agarose gel simulation feature provides most commercially available gel markers and lets you easily add additional gel markers, if needed.

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