To copy selected text (including sequence) to the clipboard:

Choose Edit > Copy or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+C.

To copy selected text that will be pasted in a particular format:

Use Edit > Copy As.

  • Unformatted Sequence – Copies the sequence only.
  • Formatted Sequence – Copies the sequence with spacing and line breaks, as it appears in the Sequence view.
  • Translated sequence – Copies the protein translation of the highlighted range.
  • Spliced sequence – Copies only the sequence corresponding to the segments of the selected feature, rather than the whole region. For example, if a feature consisted of two segments — 100-129 and 200-232, Spliced sequence would copy a string consisting of bases 100-129, immediately followed by bases 200-232. In contrast, Unformatted Sequence would copy every base from 100-232.

To copy an image of a view:

To copy an image of the Circular, Linear, Sequence, Gel Simulation or Fragment Sizes view, make it active and choose Edit > Copy As Picture. When using this command from most views, only the selected information is copied to the clipboard. From within the Circular view, the entire map is copied, regardless of the selection.

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