The Primers panel, represented by a green/red arrow icon, lets you choose which primer pairs to apply to a lane in the Gel Simulation view.

The Primer panel becomes available only after you initiate an agarose gel simulation using the File > New Agarose Gel command.

If you performed at least one primer pair search prior to beginning the agarose gel simulation, the primer pair(s) are listed here in an expandable tree.

If you did not perform a primer pair search this panel is empty, and cannot be populated. Note that unpaired primers are not supported in agarose gel simulations.

To apply a primer to a lane in the Gel Simulation view, either:

  • Select a lane in the Gel Simulation view, then put a checkmark next to one or more primer pairs in the Primers panel to add them to the selected lane. To check multiple primer pairs, hold down the Shift key while making selections. If the Shift key is not held down, any new primer pair selection will replace the previous selection. If you add a primer in error, use Edit > Undo primer choice to revert the lane to its previous state.
  • Use the mouse to grab a primer pair in the Primers panel, then drag it and drop it in the desired lane in the Gel Simulation view.

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