To export primers:

  1. Create or import primers.
  1. Open the Primers view.
  1. Choose File > Save Primer Catalog.
  1. Select one of the following three formats:
    • Tab-delimited text (.txt) – Values from the Set Name, Pair Name, T/B, and Primer Sequence columns are exported from the Primers, as well as the sequence range of the primer, and saved as a tab-delimited text file.

    • FASTA (.fas) * – * The primer sequences are exported as a single FASTA file. A name for each sequence is derived from the sequence range, the pair and set names, and whether the primer is on the top (T) or bottom (B) strand. For example: T_1712..1731_Pair_1,Set_1

    • Primer catalog (.pri) * – * The primers in the Primers are exported as a primer catalog for future use in SeqBuilder Pro.

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