If the active selection is a PROSITE pattern or profile in the Tracks panel, the Details panel contains the following information:


The name of the PROSITE domain or site.

  • Type – Pattern classification

  • Summary – Short description

  • PROSITE ID A link to the PROSITE database.

  • Pattern The PROSITE representation of the pattern defining a site. For information about conventions, see this PROSITE page Depending on availability, some or all of the following information may be displayed:

  • Profile type - A matrix can represent a protein domain, repeat region, localization signal, or composition.

  • Version - Database version.

  • Taxon range - Kingdoms where pattern is expected: Archaea, Bacteriophages, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, or Viruses.

  • Max repeats - Maximum number of repeats observed in at least one protein sequence.

  • Matches - Number of matches.

  • Best score - Profile score of best match in class with link to the match (profile type only).

  • Worst score - Profile score of worst match in class with link to the match (profile type only, shown for two or more matches).

  • Threshold - the threshold similarity score used to identify sequences that match a profile (profiles only).

Click the link to open a browser window to the relevant documentation page of the PROSITE database.

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