NovaFold AI is a 3D protein structure prediction application that incorporates the award-winning AlphaFold 2 AI system developed by DeepMind. AlphaFold 2 was the top-ranked protein structure prediction method in the CASP14 challenge in 2020, significantly outperforming the other participating teams by determining the structure of proteins with accuracy comparable to laboratory experiments.

DNASTAR provides NovaFold AI as a cloud-based, separately licensed service within Protean 3D. The NovaFold AI client provides an easy to use interface for submitting structure prediction tasks to a high performance computing cluster on the Amazon EC2 web service. NovaFold AI enables you to seamlessly utilize the AlphaFold 2 method to predict the protein structure of an amino acid sequence, and then visualize and analyze your results. Both the prediction and analysis take place within the existing NovaCloud Services interface of Protean 3D.

For step-by-step instructions, see Run NovaFold AI through Protean 3D, Run Nova applications through the DNASTAR website, or Run Nova applications locally.

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