To save a new document in the .structure format, or to overwrite a previously saved version of the document, choose File > Save, or use Ctrl+S (Win) or Cmd+S (Mac). If you want to preserve the earlier version of a .structure document, or store a copy of the document with a different name or location, use File > Save As instead. Both commands save a “snapshot” of the Protean 3D document at the time of the save, including the settings, view layout and placement of panels.

Motion Library files originally have the extension .pdb.gz. Saved copies are assigned the .structure extension.

If only one document is open during an Exit (Win) or Quit (Mac), or if you Save or Save As for the first time, Protean 3D will open the Save Document dialog.

If there are multiple edited and unsaved documents open during an Exit (Win) or Quit (Mac), Protean 3D will display the following prompt:

  • Save All saves all documents with their changes.
  • Discard All exits without saving edits for any of the documents.
  • Ask for Each opens individual Save dialogs for each open document (see first image, above).
  • Cancel lets you return to Protean 3D without saving any documents.

A Protean 3D document saved in .structure format contains both structure and sequence information. Re-opening a saved .structure file in Protean 3D lets you see both types of data simultaneously. In contrast, opening the .structure file with other Lasergene applications allows you to view only the sequence and features portions of the file.

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