If a document contains just one structure and nothing is selected, or if the structure is directly selected in the Molecules section, the Details panel contains the following information:


The structure name or file name.

If available, the summary may display the structure Title, Classification, experimental Technique (e.g. x-ray, NMR, EM), experimental Resolution (for x-ray only) and/or a link to PubMed.

Displays a count of the molecules and residues in a structure document, as well as basic information about the molecule. For each chain, the following information may be provided:

  • The Molecule name, with a link allowing you to select all chains for this molecule.

  • A list of Chains for the molecule, with links allowing you to select any individual chain.

  • The Type and Length of biopolymer.

  • A link to the UniProt database.

Click the relevant link to export data to open a browser window to the relevant page of the PDB website.

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