The Export data tool ( ), located in the header above the Text, Table or Pairwise views, lets you export data from those views. This tool provides a choice of three options, one of which has four sub-options.

Options include:

  • Export Data >

    • Matches without Gaps – To export an ungapped FASTA (.fasta) file consisting of matching regions of displayed matches, but not the query sequence itself.

    • Aligned Matches – To export a gapped FASTA (.fasta) file with displayed matches aligned against the query.

    • Table – To save Table view contents in either Comma- or tab-separated value (.csv or .tab) formats.

    • Text – To save the Text view contents in Text (.txt) format.
  • Download Sequences – To download the selected match sequence in GenBank (.gbk) format.

The commands above all launch a Save As dialog. Choose a file name, location and file type (fixed, in some cases) then press Save.

  • Set Access ID – To launch the Access ID dialog, in which you can specify your NCBI Access ID (optional). See Access ID dialog for information.

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