The Models panel, represented by a picture icon (), lets you control the visibility of individual models in multi-model PDB files.

Opening the Models panel:

Do any of the following:

  • Click on the Models tab
  • Use View > Models
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+O (Windows) or Option+Cmd+O (Macintosh)

Using the Models panel:

The PDB names (if available) of the first and last model are shown in the Details column, with intermediate models having only a Model number. The Models panel requires that at least one Model be selected at all times. In the illustration above, Model 1 and Model 5 are checked, meaning that both interim folding models are overlaid in the Structure view. The checkbox to the left of the file name is filled in, indicating that some models are checked and others are unchecked.

If you are viewing a single-model file, the Models window is non-functional and contains only Model 1, which cannot be unchecked.

Task How To
To show or hide the model Click on the corresponding checkbox.
To select a single model and unselect all others Click on model name.
To select all models Check the box to the left of the file name.
To return to the state before selecting all models Uncheck the box to the left of the file name.
To play the animation Click the play button ().
To stop the animation Click he pause button ().
To control the speed of the animation Move the slider () left to go slower, or right to go faster.

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