When you open a completed NovaFold AI or NovaFold AI-Multimer prediction in Protean 3D, a specialized Report view opens by default. When a .novafoldai or .novaai document is open, this report can also be opened at any time using the View > Report > Show command.

This Report view has three displays that are controlled using a drop-down menu at the top left of the view.

  • Composition is identical to the standard Composition report and can also be opened using the menu command Report > Composition from Document.

Tasks that pertain to the Report view:

Task How To
Add reports to the view Click the Add reports to the view tool ( ).
Remove the current report from the view Use the Remove current report tool ( ).
Export data from the report Use the Export data tool ( ).
Clone the report Use the Clone this view tool ( ).
Copy text from the report See Use basic editing commands.

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