If you have installed the Nova applications successfully in the past, subsequent reinstallation may result in one or more error messages. Simple steps for resolving these errors are described below:

Error: failed to remove one or more images

This issue occurs when one or more Docker containers reference the image being removed. To address this issue:

  1. Find out which containers reference the image by running: docker ps – a
  1. Remove the Docker containers one by one using this command: docker rm value

    …where value is the either the “Container ID” or the “Name” in the table resulting from Step 1.

The following table contains a list of the two Docker commands used to resolve the issue above, as well as other useful commands.

Script Definition
docker images To view a list of installed Docker images.
docker rmi value To remove a particular Docker image, where value is the “Image ID.”
docker ps K/font> To view a list of Docker containers that are currently running.
docker ps -a To view a complete list of Docker containers.
docker rm value To remove a particular Docker container, where value is the “Container ID” or the “Name.”

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