Protean 3D’s basic editing commands are similar to those found in Microsoft Windows and other text editing programs.

Task Command Keyboard shortcut Notes
To remove a portion of text Edit > Cut Ctrl/Cmd+X Text is placed on the clipboard.
To copy an item Edit > Copy Ctrl/Cmd+C To copy a portion of text, sequence, or a graphic element from any protein sequence or structure file, select the desired portion of the sequence or structure (e.g., a chain from the Molecules section, a feature, etc.). Then choose Edit > Copy.

The selected portion of sequence is saved to the clipboard in FASTA format. It can then be pasted into a text editor, spreadsheet utility, etc.

Note: Copying is not currently enabled in the Report views.
To paste an item Edit > Paste Ctrl/Cmd+V This pastes the item in the clipboard at the cursor insert point.
To delete a portion of text Edit > Delete Delete key This command does not cause the text to be put on the clipboard.
To select everything in the view Edit > Select All Ctrl+A This selects all sequence, all atoms, and everything in the Molecules and Style sections.
To invert the selection Edit > Invert Selection After making a selection in any view, using this command causes all other parts of the sequence/structure to be selected instead, and the original selection to be unselected.
To return the document to its state before the most recent operation Edit > Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z Undo can be used to remove changes in rendering, color, visibility, selection and animation speed.
To reinstate the most recent change Edit > Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Y This cancels use of the Undo command.

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