To open a structure from Protean 3D’s Motion Library:

  1. Open the Motion Library using any of these methods:
    • Using the File > Open From Motion Library command

    • Using the View > Motion Library command

    • Pressing Ctrl+Alt+L (Windows) or Option+Cmd+L (Macintosh).

    • For an additional method, see The Welcome Screen.

A progress bar may be visible as the library opens.

  1. Find the motion you wish to open, then double-click on its preview image.
  1. If you have not downloaded the Motion Library to your hard disc, you will be prompted to download the file you selected:

    1. (optional) If you would like to download individual Motion Library files in the future without being prompted, check the Remember my decision box. (Also, see the note below).

    2. Press the Download file button.

The motion you selected opens in a new Protean 3D window as a .pdb.gz structure. This structure can be optimized as desired and saved as a Protean 3D .structure file.

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