1. If you have not yet downloaded and extracted the tutorial data, click here to download it. Then decompress (unzip) the file archive using the method of your choice.
  1. In Protean 3D, use File > Open to open the protein sequence file Protean 3D Data/Human Calmodulin.pro. The Analysis view opens with some tracks already applied by default.
  1. To see a list of the applied tracks, open the Tracks panel using View > Tracks > Tracks.

  1. Maximize the Analysis view by clicking its Change layout tool and choosing One ().

The Protean 3D document now appears as follows:

  1. In the Tracks panel, click the expand arrows to the left of some tracks to reveal their sub-tracks:

  1. Add the Garnier-Robson track to the Analysis view by checking the box to its left.

  1. Reorder the tracks so the first three tracks are Garnier-Robson, Chou-Fasman and Flexibility-Karplus-Schulz. This is done within the Analysis view by double-clicking on each track synopsis, and then dragging & dropping it at the desired location.

Proceed to Part B: Compare results from two tracks.

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