If the active selection is an individual PROSITE pattern match in the Analysis view, the Details panel contains the following information:


The name of the PROSITE domain or site.

Pattern classification and short description, as well as structure or chain name and range (for structures), and chain name and positions of selected residues (for sequences).

  • PROSITE ID - A link to the PROSITE database.

  • Pattern - The PROSITE representation of the pattern defining a site. For information about conventions, see this PROSITE page.

  • Profile type - A matrix can represent a protein domain, repeat region, localization signal, or composition.

  • Profile score - A similarity score for an alignment between a sequence and a profile (profiles only).

  • Threshold - the threshold similarity score used to identify sequences that match a profile (profiles only).

  • Sites - List of predicted functional sites and their corresponding residues.

  • Matching sequence - The sequence that matches the pattern.

Click the link to open a browser window to the relevant documentation page of the PROSITE database.

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