The Details panel is the only panel enabled when viewing the NovaDock report. This panel contains expandable areas that can be displayed or hidden by clicking the small blue triangle in its header.


The name of the NovaDock file.

  • Receptor/Ligand – A description of the receptor and ligand molecules, including their lengths in residues.

  • Started – Date and time when the NovaDock prediction job began.

  • Normal modes – The number of normal modes of motion used to sample molecular flexibility during the docking process.

  • Proposed contacts – Number of residue contacts, if any, proposed by the user when initiating the NovaDock prediction.

  • Repairs – Repairs, if any, that were automatically made to the Ligand or Receptor in the course of making the NovaDock prediction.

  • Prediction ID – If available, an internal identification value assigned to the prediction.

  • Version – Version number of the NovaDock application used to make the docking prediction.

  • Computation – Time (in hours/minutes/seconds) needed to complete the docking prediction.

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