Three separately-licensed Protean 3D servicesNovaFold, NovaFold Antibody and NovaDock — can be initiated online (see note below) or locally, through the terminal of a Linux or Macintosh computer. This topic and its subtopics discuss how to initiate predictions locally.

To run a local prediction:

  1. Install and set up the software on a Linux or Macintosh machine. All three of the “Nova applications” are installed, though each is licensed separately.
  1. License the desired applications by contacting
  1. Prepare one or more input files.
  1. Set up and run a prediction.
  1. View the results in Protean 3D on a Windows or Macintosh computer. NovaFold Antibody results open as a typical structure file, but have some additional information available. For information on viewing other results, see View NovaFold results and View NovaDock results.

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