Name and Link Description
CATH Protein Structure Classification Database A curated classification of protein domain structures. Each protein is assigned to a homologous superfamily (group of domains related by evolution). The CATH classification procedure uses a combination of automated and manual techniques which include computational algorithms, empirical and statistical evidence, literature review and expert analysis.
Chemical Component Dictionary (CCD) An external reference file describing all residue and small molecule components found in PDB entries. Protean 3D’s algorithm uses the CCD to look up information about non-standard residues and ligands (e.g. common name, most similar standard residue) when parsing PDB files. The full version of the most recent CCD was included with your Protean 3D installation. DNASTAR will continue to update the file as it encounters new CCD entries.
Gene Ontology A bioinformatics initiative to standardize the representation of gene and gene product attributes across species and databases.
RCSB Protein Databank and Worldwide Protein Databank Open-source databases of annotated protein files output by crystallographic or NMR instruments. Files can be downloaded in Protein Databank (PDB) format and other file formats. To learn more:

* PDB Getting Started Guide

* Narrated PDB tutorial from Open Helix

* Narrated tutorials from PDB
Morph Server (part of the Database of Macromolecular Movements) A database of protein motion video clips. Also provides tools for protein flexibility and geometric analysis.

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