Protean 3D’s views, panels and tabs (pictured and described below) can be resized and/or undocked and moved anywhere inside or outside the Protean 3D application window. Changes and selections are synchronized between all views.

Item Description
Projects Multiple Protean 3D projects (documents) can be open at the same time. Click any project tab to make that document active.
Menus File, Edit, View, Modeling, Features, Search, Structure, Analysis, Report, Window, and Help.
Views Data display windows.
Panels Dialogs for selecting data and changing options.
Motion Library A searchable list of previews representing ~500 animated molecular structures from the RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB).
Tool icons Different tools are available depending on the active view.

To learn how to optimize the layout and contents of the Protean 3D window, see Customize the look and layout.

Note that the appearance of the Protean 3D interface changes depending on the file type being viewed:

File type Appearance of Protean 3D
PDB or other structure file, including Protean 3D (.structure) format All views and panels are enabled.
Sequence file The Structure view is absent. The Molecules section displays the file name and a list of sequence or locus names, if available.
NovaFold (.novafold) structure prediction When viewing a .novafold file, the only available views and panels are the NovaFold Report, Analysis view, Features panel and Tracks panel. To enable all Protean 3D functionality for a predicted structure, go to the Report view and click the Open model in new document link.
NovaFold Antibody (.antibody) structure prediction All views and panels are enabled. Light and heavy chain annotations are displayed in the Style section in the S-S Bond group.
NovaDock (.novadock) protein docking prediction When viewing a .novadock file, the only available view is the NovaDock Report. No panels are enabled.

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