The Lighting section, located in the Style panel, allows you to change lighting characteristics of the Structure view. Up to three “directional” lights may be deployed, in addition to displaying “ambient” light.

The following video shows the Lighting section in action:

To open the Lighting section:

Do either of the following:

  • Click the expand bar entitled Lighting
  • Use View > Style > Lighting

Using the Lighting section:

Task How To
To turn a light source on or off Toggle between light on/off by clicking the light bulbs in the Power section. To turn ambient light on or off, check or uncheck the box next to Show Ambient Light.
To change the lighting angle Use your mouse to rotate any of the three spheres in the Angle section. Changes will only be apparent when the power for the corresponding light is turned on.
To change the amount of lighting Use the Direct Light and Ambient Light sliders in the Brightness section.
To change the reflectivity of the structure Use the Shine and Reflection sliders in the Material Properties section.
To hide distracting elements in the foreground as you zoom in on the Structure view Check Use automatic clipping.
To add a “3-D” look Check the Show depth cues box in the Depth Cues section. This causes the back of the structure appear to fade out, an effect which is most noticeable on a white background.
To return to the default settings Click the Revert icon ().

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