This topic is a general overview on how to set up, run and view a NovaFold AI prediction through the Protean 3D interface.

  1. If you are not currently logged into NovaCloud Services, open the NovaCloud Services view and log in. If you are already logged in, you can skip ahead and launch the NovaFold AI wizard by doing any of the following:

    • From the Welcome screen, click Structure Prediction on the left and then New protein structure with NovaFold AI on the right.

    • Choose Modeling > Protein Structure Prediction > New NovaFold AI Prediction.

    • From the NovaCloud Services view, press the NovaFold AI button.

    • From the Predictions view, use the small black triangle in the top-left corner to choose NovaFold AI.
  1. Follow the steps in the three NovaFold AI wizard screens: Sequences, Options and Submit.
  1. Use View > NovaCloud Services > Predictions to monitor run status in the Predictions view. Once the prediction is complete, use the Status column link to open and/or download the predicted models.

Open results appear as a new project tab in Protean 3D with the NovaFold AI Report as one of the default views.

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