This application lets you search National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) databases for matches to text or sequence that you specify.

Once a search has been initiated, you can use the Jobs panel to monitor the search, stop an in-progress search, or open search results in the Text and Table views.

Tools available in the Search wizards:

Some or all of the following optional tools may be available in the bottom left corner of the Search wizards:

  1. To display the help for this topic, press the question mark icon ().
  1. To enter an NCBI Access ID, press the Set Access ID () tool. This causes the Access ID dialog to pop up. See Access ID dialog for information.
  1. To submit an idea for a new feature, press the Suggest a feature () tool.
  1. To view information about your service plan, press the Show Service Plan () tool. For sequence or text search services, the ensuing dialog describes the state of your service plan and any warning or error text messages. The license control has three states: Active, Expiring, and Expired.

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