The Structure view displays a physical representation of the molecule in your structure file. By default, the Structure view is shown in the upper left of the Protean 3D window. If the Structure view is hidden or absent, you can display it using View > Analysis > Show. Alternatively, you can reset the entire Protean 3D window to the default layout using View > Document Layout > Restore DNASTAR Default Layout.

The Structure view can be rotated, zoomed, moved relative to the background, or seen in full-screen mode. Selections within this view are synchronized with other views in Protean 3D. Similarly, selections made elsewhere are highlighted simultaneously in the Structure view.

Tasks that pertain to the Structure view:

Task How To
To move, rotate or zoom in on the view Use the Protean 3D toolbar in the upper left. The following video demonstrates some of the tools available from the Structure view:

To make selections in the view See Make a selection.
To change the layout of the view or what is displayed in it See Customize the look and layout.
To change the rendering of the structure Use the Rendering section of the Style panel.
To change the colors Use the Color section of the Style panel.
To change the lighting Use the Lighting section of the Style panel.
To add a molecular or solvent-accessible surface to the structure Use the Surfaces section of the Explorer panel. Once a surface has been created, it can be controlled through the Rendering section of the Style panel.
To create a duplicate of a selected portion of a chain Use Structure > Duplicate Selection. The duplicate chain appears in the Explorer and Features panels with the original chain name followed by a number in parentheses, e.g., Chain B (1).

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