When you predict antibody interactions with NovaFold Antibody, the third wizard screen is Submit. This screen displays the prediction jobs that were set up in the Sequences and Options screens, but have not yet been run.

Click Submit to accept the terms of the license agreement and initiate all listed jobs on the NovaCloud web service. Note that term license holders can submit as many predictions as desired, but those predictions will be run in batches of five. Alternatively, press Back to return to the Options screen. To remove or add predictions to the list before submitting, click Back twice to return to the Sequences screen.

Monitoring progress and viewing prediction results:

Once a prediction has been started, go to the Predictions view to monitor its progress, and to view or save finished prediction results.

Unlike NovaFold and NovaDock, NovaFold Antibody does not result in a specialized version of the Report view. Instead, the NovaFold Antibody prediction results (.antibody) file can be viewed and analyzed in Protean 3D like any other structure. The Structure view and Features section facilitate examination of antibody features, including the six annotated CDR loops for light and heavy chains.

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