In the Analysis view, you can display selected features from the protein sequence file on the same axis with the prediction tracks. PDB files contain sites, disulfide bonds, helices, and sheets/strands, while Lasergene and Genbank files support many more feature types, including user-created feature types.

To apply this track to the sequence:

In the Tracks panel, check the box next to Features (Annotated). The track will now be visible in the Analysis view. Initially, the display shows a consensus of the selected features. Feature types are differentiated via colorful icons with legends and/or by text labels.

To edit track options:

Select the track in the Tracks panel. Open the Track Options section, which appears as follows:

  • Uncheck Show Sites if you wish to hide the upper row showing disulfide bonds and sites.
  • Uncheck Show Large Features to hide large, usually unimportant, features spanning most or all of the sequence.

Click if you wish to return to the default values.

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