Protean 3D allows you to open a wide variety of supported file types, including protein sequences, structure files, and prediction results from the Nova applications.

To open a single file within a Protean 3D project:

Use the File > Open command, or press Ctrl+O (Win) or Cmd+O (Mac). For an additional shortcut to this command, see The Welcome Screen.

Once a document is open in Protean 3D, you can open additional files using the same command. If no document is currently open, you can also use the "Open a file" link in the Details panel.

In the rare case that you have a protein file whose type is not supported in Protean 3D, try opening it with SeqBuilder Pro. If you are able to view the file there, you can then save it in Lasergene protein file format (.pro) and open the saved file in Protean 3D.

To open multiple files within a single Protean 3D project:

Choose File > Open Group. For an additional shortcut to this command, see The Welcome Screen.

Protean 3D allows you to open multiple files (.structure, .pdb, .pro, etc.) within a single document. This is particularly useful if you are working with PDB "split entry" structure files, in which one structure has been split between two or more files due to PDB format constraints. This functionality can also be used to overlay related structures in order to investigate their similarities and differences. All panels and views in Protean 3D support the viewing of multiple-structure documents. This feature is not intended for use in investigating protein-protein docking. Animation in the Models panel is disabled for these documents.

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