If the active selection is a protease class listed in the Tracks panel, the Details panel contains the following information:


The name of the protease.

  • Type: Pattern classification ("protease" or "chemical")

  • Summary: The MEROPS protease family

  • Synonyms: List of synonyms, if any

  • Pattern: The pattern defining a site.

  • EC Number: A link to the BRENDA Comprehensive Enzyme Information System entry for the protease (for enzymes only)

  • MEROPS ID: A link to the MEROPS database entry (enzymes only)

  • PubChem ID: A link to the PubChem entry (for chemicals only)

  • Matches: Number of matches found.

  • Comments: Any comments associated with the record.

Click the link to launch a Save dialog that allows you to save a tab-delimited text file with information about the cleavage frequency of all compounds.

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