The Tracks panel, represented by a graph icon (), provides a list of prediction tracks sorted by classification. Prediction tracks are used to evaluate the sequence and structural characteristics of a protein. Results of tracks chosen in this panel are displayed in the Analysis or Pairwise views on a common horizontal scale. The Tracks panel includes one expandable section for setting options for a selected track type.

Opening the Tracks panel:

Do any of the following:

  • Click on the Tracks tab
  • Use View > Tracks > Tracks
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+T (Windows) or Option+Cmd+T (Macintosh)
  • Double-click on a synopsis or channel in the Analysis view; this simultaneously selects the method and opens the corresponding parameter dialog.

Using the Tracks panel:

Task How To
To reveal/hide sub-tracks Click on the expand arrows to the left of some tracks (e.g., Hydropathy).
To learn about the available tracks and to modify options for the selected track Use the Track Options section. Some options allow you to type in values. Note that if you type in a disallowed value, a small red/white “X” will appear, and a message balloon will notify you of the allowable range.
To apply a prediction track to the active sequence Check the box to the left of the method name. Checking or unchecking a top-level box will cause its sub-tracks to also be checked/unchecked. Prediction results are displayed in the Analysis view.
To view details about a track Select the track by clicking on its name and then open the Details panel.

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