When you press the Filter results tool () in the header above the Hot Spot Scan report, there are two options: Filter and Clear Filter. Clicking on the Filter option opens the following dialog:

  • Use the <select> drop-down menu to choose a filter type, then enter the desired options.
Filter type Description Options
Prediction Stabilizing or destabilizing.
ΔE (DFIRE-A Displays the change in energy value based on the DFIRE calculation (reference). This number can be used to predict whether the mutation is stabilizing or destabilizing to the protein structure. A positive number > 0.5 is considered destabilizing to the structure when compared to the original amino acid; a negative number < -0.5 is considered stabilizing. Numbers between -0.5 and +0.5 are considered neutral.
Molecule The structure and chain where the variant is located.

  • To add another filter, press the plus icon (). To delete a filter row, press the minus icon ().
  • Once you have set up all desired queries, go to the top of the dialog and choose whether to Match all of the following or Match any of the following queries.

Once you are finished setting up filters, do any of the following:

  • To apply the filters, press Apply or Filter.
  • To clear all filters and start over, press Clear.
  • To exit the dialog without filtering, press Close.

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