This tutorial provides practice using the toolbar from within the Structure view.

  1. Within Protean 3D, choose File > Open from PDB. You may initially see a yellow warning icon () prompting you to type in a valid ID.
  1. Type 7TIM into the text box.

  1. Press OK to open the structure in Protean 3D.

  1. In the Structure view, zoom in and out on the structure by clicking the Zoom tool () and dragging the mouse up and down. (If you don’t see the zoom icon, use the View > Show Toolbar command to restore the toolbar. Another alternative is to use the commands in the Structure menu instead of the toolbar icons.)
  1. Slide the molecule partially out of view and back again by clicking the Move tool () and dragging the mouse in any direction.
  1. Rotate the molecule by clicking the Rotate tool () and dragging the mouse in any direction.
  1. To return the structure to its original orientation, click the Reset Structure View tool ( ).

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