The Data Preferences dialog designates the folder in which PDB data files are stored when using the File > Open from PDB command. By default, PDB files are downloaded to the \Protean3D\Temp\Cache\PDB folder.

On Windows, this dialog is accessed via the command Edit > Preferences. On Macintosh, it is accessed using Protean 3D > Preferences (macOS 12 and lower) or Protean 3D > Settings (macOS 13 and higher). If the Data section is not already active, choose Data from the menu on the left.

To save PDB files in an alternative location, use the Browse button to navigate to the desired folder. If you maintain a local copy of the PDB, you may wish to change the path to point to your local PDB folder.

Click Apply to save your changes while keeping the preferences dialog open, or Apply and Close to save the changes and exit from the dialog. If you instead wish to return to default settings for all four drop-down menus, click Restore Defaults. To leave the dialog without applying changes, choose Cancel.

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