The following video is a brief introduction to working with features in Protean 3D:

For detailed information, see the table below:

Task How To
To control which features are displayed in the Sequence and Analysis views See Features panel.
To control the appearance of features in the views See Options section and Style section.
To create a new feature Select a portion of the sequence or a structural element and do one of the following:

  • Select the Features panel’s Create a feature tool
  • Use Features > New Feature
  • Press Ctrl/Cmd+K
    The Options section of the Features panel automatically becomes populated with a default name, as well as information about the molecule and endpoints of the feature.
To delete a feature Select the feature in one of the views or panels and do one of the following:

  • Select the Features panel’s Delete a feature tool
  • Use Features > Delete Feature
To choose which annotations to display for a structure, or to reset annotations that were previously edited in the Options section Use Features > Reset Secondary Structure and choose one of the following sub-commands:

  • Annotated Assignments – To display author annotations from a PDB or other structure file.
  • Calculated Assignments (KSDSSP) – To display features calculated automatically from the structure file. The calculated annotations will be saved when you save the structure file.

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