Before installing NovaFold, NovaFold Antibody, or NovaDock for local use, you must first install Docker, a computing platform for distributed applications that is needed to run the programs.

On a Windows or Macintosh computer:

Download and install the DNASTAR License Server by following these instructions: Windows / Macintosh.

On the Linux or Macintosh computer where you will be using the Nova applications:

  1. Log in to your DNASTAR account; you will automatically be taken to the My Licenses page. If you are already logged in, click the My Account link at the top of the DNASTAR header to go to the same page.
  1. Use the button in the Installers column to download the installer archive file. Five downloadable archives are available, but you only need to download the installer package; the other four archives are downloaded automatically during the installation process. However, if desired, you may download and save all five archives to your Linux machine.
  1. Unpack the installer archive file on your computer (e.g., using the tar command).
  1. Install Docker using either of these methods, both of which require sudo / root privileges:

  • Follow the instructions at Digital Ocean: “How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 18.04.”

  • Enter the following command in the terminal to run a script distributed in the installer archive file:

    $ get-docker

    Unless you add qualified users to the docker group, Docker requires sudo / root privileges. If you would like to add users, append their names to the get-docker command:

    Linux: $ get-docker $[USERNAME]

    Macintosh: $ ./get-docker-mac

If you are one of the users to whom access was granted, you must log out and log back in for changes to take effect.

  1. Continue by installing the application.

    • On Macintosh:

    1. Move ‘’ to the ‘Applications’ folder.

    2. Double-click ‘’ in the ‘Applications’ folder to start Docker.

    3. Configure the Docker virtual machine to run MARKET_NAME.

    4. Open Docker preferences (Status menu > Docker icon > Preferences).

    5. On the Disk panel, increase ‘Disk image size’ to more than 200 GB, then apply.

    6. On the Advanced panel, increase ‘CPUs’ to at least 4 and ‘Memory’ to at least 16 GB, then apply.
    • On Linux, run the script located in the unpacked application image folder. Installation usually takes 5-20 minutes.

      • Simple install: You will be prompted to accept the DNASTAR License Agreement (“yes”), and to enter your DNASTAR user name and password.

        $ install

      • Custom install: Depending on the use of optional arguments (i.e., everything following install, below), you can run the installation without any further input:

        $ install [-h] [-D DOWNLOAD_DIR] [-s SUBSCRIBER] [-I INPUT_DIR] [-y]

        The following table describes each of the available arguments:
        Optional argument Description
        -D DOWNLOAD_DIR, --download-dir DOWNLOAD_DIR Specify a directory in which to save downloaded files.
        -s SUBSCRIBER, --subscriber SUBSCRIBER Authenticate with your DNASTAR subscriber number instead of user name and password.
        -I INPUT_DIR, --input-dir INPUT_DIR Specify the directory containing the local image and volume data files.
        -y, --yes Automatically respond to prompts with ‘yes.’
  1. Verify that the repository is showing the correct version of the application:

$ docker images

  1. (optional) If you need to resolve local servers by hostname, you can define the local DNS server by editing the DOCKER_OPTS variable to read DOCKER_OPTS="--dns $[LOCAL_DNS_IP]". In Ubuntu, the variable is defined in /etc/default/docker.

Once you have successfully installed Docker and the Nova applications, the next step is to prepare the input file.

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