The Amphiphilicity (Eisenberg) track predicts the Eisenberg Moment using the approach of Eisenberg et al., 1984. Hydrophobic moments are semi-empirical quantities based on computation and experimental measurements, which describe the distribution of hydrophilic and hydrophobic residue groups in a protein. They describe asymmetry of hydrophobicity, or amphiphilicity.

To apply this track to the sequence:

In the Tracks panel, check the box next to Amphiphilicity (Eisenberg). The track will now be visible in the Analysis view

To edit track options:

Select the track in the Tracks panel. Open the Track Options section, which appears as follows:

  • Residues to Average - the number of residues to be averaged for the hydrophobic moment and hydrophobicity. The default is 11.
  • Alpha Angle and Beta Angle - the angles used in moment and amphipathic region plots to assign emergence angles for successive side chains. Only change these options if you are looking for a structure with atypical α-helix and ß-sheet angles, such as a 3-10 helix. The defaults are 100 and 170, respectively.

Click if you wish to return to the default values.

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